The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses When It’s Sunny

by Web Support / 06 October 2016 / No Comments

UV Rays It was a particularly sunny summer in Western New York this year. Have you been wearing your sunglasses faithfully?

Not only do sunglasses help define your overall look and style, but they also keep your eyes safe. Did you know that the sun sends out ultraviolet (UV) rays? These UV rays can mess with your eyes, leading to cataracts (a clouding of the eye’s lens, blurring your vision), macular degeneration (destroying your retina/vision, leading to blindness), and the lesser-known pterygium (altering the curve of the eyeball, causing astigmatism).

Sunglasses– the good ones– block out 100% of UV rays. You should wear them to keep the ultraviolet light out of your eyes. They also protect your eyelids and the tender skin around your eyes.

Of course, one of the major benefits to wearing sunglasses is that they reduce both brightness and glare. They make it easier to see things despite a really sunny day. You don’t have to squint all day.

It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days, since you’re still exposed to UV light. Even children should wear sunglasses, especially because they tend to spend even more time outdoors than adults do during the Buffalo-area summers at places like Canalside, the Buffalo Zoo and Delaware Park.

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